An aroma of sameness with hints of familiarity.

Put your palate to the test.

PICKPOCKET_bottleBlind Tasting Instructions:


  1. Select one volunteer to run the blind tasting.


2. All tastings should be blind. Keep bottles out of sight of the participants!


3. Each taster will be given three glasses for every Replica® wine they compare. 


4. Start by pouring two glasses of the Replica® wine and one glass of the benchmark wine (i.e., pour two glasses of Replica® Pickpocket, along with one glass of The Prisoner®).


5. Ask each participant to identify the benchmark. If they can tell the difference, cheers! They may even enjoy our Replica® knockoff better than the original. If they can’t tell, well, then they’re like so many other Replica® drinkers whose reactions to our wines include things like “unbelievable,” “cool,” and “nailed it,” just to name a few.

*Replica® is in no way affiliated with The Prisoner®