2020 Replica Misbahaved California Pinot Noir

This Misbehaved is a bright ruby red with a slight purple edge. Open and effusive nose of red cherry and wild raspberry with a hint of baking spices. The flavors are consistent with the nose and are nicely framed by obvious but not oppressive tannins. The 2020 Misbehaved offers plenty of texture, depth, and length, in a sophisticated and thought-provoking way. For those who enjoy a darker Pinot Noir style with concentration and silky texture, this is a perfect wine.


Exceptional Taste

We evaluate the top selling premium brands and identify what makes them so unique and delicious.  Our award-winning winemakers use our proprietary methodology to dive deep into the taste and aroma profiles such as oak, heat, tannins, floral and fruity flavors as well as spice and smoke.   We use these findings to determine the best taste and aroma profiles for each of our Replica varietals based on consumer preference. 

Nature's Wine

At our core, we believe that wine should taste the way that Mother Nature intended. Replica aims to bottle only the flavors found in nature through the natural expression of fruit - allowing us to produce only wine in its purest, most natural form. As a recipient of the Clean Label Project Purity Award, we pride ourselves on sharing a product free of contaminants.